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Nekem most olyan jó. :) (Köszi, Nick!)
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És már megint mások kreatív ötleteit posztolom, mert nekem olyanok nincsenek. (Mi lenne, ha akkor nem posztolnék, kérdezhetné a nyájas olvasó. Én pedig a képébe röhögök.)

Tehát íme az Ilyen Vizsgát Szeretnénk Holnap by [livejournal.com profile] cashmerenerd and [livejournal.com profile] futurekind (szigorúan ABC-sorrendben)
1. Hány elnöke volt eddig az USAnak?
2. Hány színesbőrű elnöke volt eddig az USAnak?
3. Ki az USA jelenlegi elnöke?
4. Mi volt az USA jelenlegi elnökének tegnapi beiktatási beszédének a harmadik mondata?
5. Ön melyik elnökjelöltnek szurkolt a választás során?

*itt beszedjük a feladatsort, és újat osztunk.

6. A tegnapi beiktatási ünnepélyen Michelle Obamán milyen ruha volt?
7. A választás éjszakáján Michelle Obamán milyen ruha volt? (pluszpontért a kislányok ruhája vagy a tervező leírható)
8. Obama gyermekei hány évesek és mi a nevük?
9. Mi Obama középső neve?
10. Írjon esszét arról, miért is Obama Jézus reinkarnaciója, aki kivezet minket a sötétségből!
11. Írja le a mondatot, amelyet Obama elrontott az esküben!
12. Mivel foglalkozott Obama édesapja?
13. Milyen faluban született Obama édesapja?
14. Mely ruhaüzletekben vásárolnak Obamáék?
15. Peach vagy Apricot?
És akkor szurkoljatok.
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Hadd mutassam be a Rudolfok elszaporodását a Pet Societyn:


Valamint még azt, hogy milyen jó kommunikációs csatorna ez a csodálatos szeglete az internetnek:

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Julis came over today to do our presentations for Language Practice. We have to do presentations about EACH OTHER. Yeah. Very professional. :D

Let me show you the outline:

  • name
  • birthdate
  • family (+pets)
  • schools
  • linguistics
  • OKTV(me)/Sziget(her)
  • teaching English: classmates(me)/younger students(her)
  • blogging
  • TV shows
    • 'guess how many we watch' game (Buba and Nick, I don't think it would be fair to the others if you participated)
    • extra handout: TV shows we watch. possibly with graphs and everything.
Yes, it will be VERY SCIENTIFIC.

Also, we watched TEH BUFFY MUSICAL and some clips from HSM and the first half of GET OVER IT.

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My DT-fangirlism. It upsets people.

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Today is [livejournal.com profile] futurekind 's birthday. I wish you a very nice day!
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Erm, actually I just realized it was September. Of course I knew it was a Monday when I was supposed to go back to my (old) high school but I didn't realize it was September. I'm weird in many ways.

Today was awesome, actually. We don't have uni yet and it's a kind of tradition in Radnóti High to attend the first day of school after you graduated. I met a few of my old classmates and many of my teachers. I miss them already but it helps that I can go back any time I want and I still feel at home.

But really. It's like I never left. The receptionist lady remembered me and smiled. Then I bought a big cup of my beloved school-tea. Then I tried to find my old formteacher but she was absolutely nowhere so I went upstairs to my old classroom to find my other ex-formteacher with his new class. He was so adorable with them. He tried to make them think he was a strict guy (and he actually did quite a good job :D) but he couldn't fool us, his old students. Oh yes, cause he allowed us to attend their first classed with him when he told them all about school rules and everything. Some of my classmates even showed them around the building.

By the way, it felt so good when Gulyó (my ex-formteacher) told the new class something and said they could ask US, the big girls. :) And our inside-jokes with Gulyó... Yes, he made us feel INSIDERS. Cause we still are. I know we are. My best part was this perhaps (shamelessly copied from Nick's blog):
As Gulyó told us in front of the class he's supposed to gather the whole class in B2 or 57 and we started laughing knowing how small those rooms are and the kids were looking confused...
It was one of the greatest feelings ever. Knowing that you know a place so much you can understand little jokes like that.

I managed to find Mariann (other ex-formteacher) later. She helped me choose a new class for my uni-timetable, because (naturally) it was all screwed up. Luckily she knows lots of people at uni cause she's an English teacher as well. Then I ran upstairs again to the Physics Lab to apply to the new classes on the interwebz. Love the running.


PS. I just got a letter from the ELTE choir. It tells me I'll have to be there at 6PM next Wednesday. WELL THANK YOU I have a class on Wednesday that only finishes at 5:30PM. And it's in a completely different location. Not even in our campus. LOVE THE RUNNING, right?
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First of all let me thank [profile] futurekind  for lending me the DVD and making my life so much easier. :D

Why did I stop watching this after one and a half episodes a few month ago? I really cannot remember. This is one of the best things EVER. (Except for the ending, I was a bit disappointed, I thought there would be big group-singing/dancing. Well, I cannot really complain what I wanted to happen actually happened so I should just shut up.)

David, I do not have the words to say how much I'm in love with you. It's very scary. Peter Carlisle is a great character with his charming personality, smugness and oral fixation. And whenever I hear David's Scottish accent I think I'm gonna faint.

Anyway, this series was made for me. It's a musical but not a musical. I could hear David Tennant SING. And watch him having sex at the same time. BRILLIANT.
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