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(But I still haven't listened to the radio plays. Shame on me.)
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iTunes just finished burning the CD grandma. My grandmother is cool and awesome in many ways. One of those ways is her liking the TV/movie scores I listen to all the time.

So I decided this would be a nice Christmas present (besides the usual painted glass thingies, of course):

I think she's going to love it. :)
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I know [livejournal.com profile] kockasfulu already posted about this but WHAT THE FUCK.


Which is very funny cause

a) it was never shown on any Hungarian TV channel so nobody knows it except me (okay, except a few of us)
b) Doctor Who was shown on Hungarian TV but it was never released on DVD here
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Okay, I basically hate am jealous of everyone who've seen this LIVE and in person:

CREDITS: Photos were taken by [livejournal.com profile] smirnoffmule. I wouldn't have found them without [livejournal.com profile] jademouse.

PS. These pictures seriously need to be iconed.
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  1. Thursday: had good English classes (except for Nádasdy's, it was GREAT), boring uni stuff, boring uni stuff, boring uni stuff (if you're not there).
  2. Thursday: had awesome Linguistics (and Maths) classes even if they were LATE in the afternoon and I was SLEEPY.
  3. Thursday: went 'nyelvészkocsmázni' (=to go to a pub with linguists and drink with them) but went home much earlier than the others cause home is FAR AWAY from uni.
  4. Friday: had an AWFUL* class and a FUN one.
  5. Friday: almost died on the bus on the way home cause there was and accident on the road and the bus went slowly and it was hot and there was no air.
*I'm not going to this class ever again, I swear. It was boring, but that's just one thing. The bigger problem was the lecturer's accent which caused me physical pain. I seriously wanted to rip my heart off just to make it stop. (I know I have a funny English accent as well but some people just shouldn't talk in English. This guy's one of them.)

PS. The Torchwood audioplay was fun. My favourite quotes are already quoted by [livejournal.com profile] shinyopals but check out this entry if you're interested.

PPS. http://hasthelargehadroncolliderdestroyedtheworldyet.com/ LOL
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So the Earth wasn't swallowed by a black hole after all. Or it was, we just didn't notice. Or it was, but the Doctor came and saved us and did some timey-wimey so it didn't happen in the first place.

Strange, I'm quite disappointed, actually. :D

Hee, I almost forgot about the Torchwood Audioplay! I've just downloaded it, I'll listen to it on my way to uni tomorrow, I guess. Or today before falling asleep cause I'm excited about it. :)
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I rewatched Torchwood 2x01 and watched the first half of P.S. I Love You (I will finish it tomorrow but I'm getting sleepy and I want to actually watch it, not just play it on my laptop) today and I realized how much I still love James Marsters.

He was my first fangirl-crush back when I watched at least three Buffy/Angel episodes every day. I knew I still liked him but the Torchwood episode and the film made me realize I wasn't only in love with his sexy vampire looks but his gestures and mimics and all those little things. This man is awesome and I haven't got any icons of him right now. *ashamed*

(Yes, that is Lisa Kudrow.)

And he can SING as well. I ordered his first (and yet only) album from the UK as soon as I could back in 2005 and I still love it. (I use the word 'love' too much, aren't I?) Not to mention Rest In Peace and Walk Through the Fire and Something to Sing About. Oh, the Buffy Musical, how much I adore it, I know it by heart. ♥

Which reminds me again... SPIKE. How great was it to ship him with Buffy! I loved Buffy S6 because of all the Spuffy love and angst. They are the reason that Dead Things is one of my favourite TV episodes ever.

It's so sexy it hurts.

Plus, in my sick mind Doomsday reflects on Dead Things as well.

OK, I just compared Spuffy to Ten/Rose. *needs to take a break*

Then there's the awesome chemistry between Spike and Angel in Angel (the series). Which might be best seen in my favouritest Angel episode ever, A Hole In the World (but I might be biased since it really is the best episode in my opinion).

And they're arguing about a very important question: who would win a fight between a cavemen and and astronaut?

Come on, they SHOULD marry each other.

Sorry, this picture is in no connection with James Marsters in any way but it's from the same episode (which is my favourite, have I told you that before?). Fred/Wesley would have been so cute and awesome, thank you Joss for killing off half of my OTP. But I still love this episode even if I cry like a baby every time I'm watching it.

Oh, I'm really off-topic now. I think I'll have to write a long review about A Hole In the World in the near future instead.

PS: James Marsters, I love you.

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I'm SO GLAD I checked Amazon.co.uk today. So, so glad. I've just ordered Doctor Who S3 and Torchwood S1 relatively cheap. My first Whoniverse DVDs! Yay!

I'm so hoping I'll be able to get DW S1&2 and TW S2 as well later this year. (I'm almost sure the sales will be over tomorrow and I don't want to spend all my money at once.)
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Oh my god. It's already getting light. It's BLOODY DAWN. And I haven't slept for like 23 hours now. And I'm not even sleepy. Problem is, I have to go shopping tomorrow today for a friend's birthday. JUST GREAT.


Things I watched in the last 10 days:

- TSE/JE for like a thousand times on my iPod (skipping the sad parts, of course)
- Well, that's not entirely true. Once I actually tried to watch JE from beginning to end but then I realized I was tearing up AND was sunbathing on the beach and it would look really stupid if I started crying there. So I stopped it and listened to some happy Kylie songs instead.
- Voyage of the Damned on my iPod because Kylie and David FTW.
- The Unicorn and the Wasp on my iPod because happyhappyhappy! And funnyfunnyfunny!
- Bits of SoD/LotTL on my iPod. I don't have to explain, do I?
- THE COMIC RELIEF EDITION OF THE CATHERINE TATE SHOW on my iPod for like a MILLION times. After three or four watching we started quoting it all day with my sister. We have quoted it before but now we were overdosed. :D
- The morning children shows on BBC Prime while trying to wake up and dress. My favourites are still Teletubbies and Big Cook Little Cook. So amusing, both of them.
- Boomtown and Bad Wolf on BBC Prime.
- Princess Diaries 2 on some Greek channel but they showed it in English with subtitles.
- Oh, and Miss Congeniality too. :D
- And Prison Break with my sister when I didn't fall asleep.
- And half an episode of Ugly Betty. First time I've seen it, also the last, I think..
- Mr Bean. An old love of mine. It was on a German channel but it didn't really matter, you know.

Things I have to watch before I go away again/while I'm away:

- Middleman
- Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (already started watching it)
- The Office Season 2 (UK)
- Recovery
- Learners
- Start (re)watching DW S3 with my sister (who saw S1 and most of S2 and all of S4 but she did not watch S3)
- Start rewatching TW S2
- PotW and TCI on BBC Prime. Not that I don't have them on my computer but I'm getting used to watching the old episodes on TV.

Maybe I should just sleep.

PS. I'm thinking about installing this mood theme. But then I'm quite attached to the current one. Big dilemma.
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Cannot rewatch it yet so this is based on what I remember.

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